Vegan activist Tash Peterson joins PETA in crude animal rights protest in Sydney

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson took part in a disturbing protest where she pretended to be a piece of meat.

The full-time Melbourne-based animal rights activist slipped into a ‘human-sized meat platter’ alongside two other vegan activists in Sydney’s bustling Pitt Street shopping center on Thursday morning.

The demonstration was designed to make pedestrians think twice before eating meat.

Working alongside international animal rights organization PETA, Ms Peterson lay naked inside a cardboard box covered in fake blood and sealed with a clear plastic sheet to mimic the packaging of raw meat.

“Humans need to realize that even though other animals look different to us, they’re the same in every way that really matters, and it’s time to make the connection and go vegan,” said Emily Rice, senior communications manager. and PETA partnerships.

Tasha Peterson was joined by full-time animal sitter Alicia Pan and peaceful animal activist Bailey, who also stripped naked for the performance protest.

A Twitter user shared an image of the ongoing protest around 11 a.m., calling it “vile” and “totally unbalanced”.

The 28-year-old shocked onlookers two weeks ago when she walked through a Melbourne luxury boutique in only her underwear.

The stunt was to celebrate the first anniversary of her ‘most powerful protest’ in which she smeared herself in blood and again entered the Louis Vuitton store naked.

Ms Peterson soaked her nearly naked body and the store steps in red liquid as she preached to her stunned audience.

“Louis Vuitton murders cows, sheep, goats, crocodiles, snakes, foxes, minks, ducks and geese. They are murdering baby lambs and turning their skins into leather jackets,” she shouted.

“Louis Vuitton has blood on its hands and so do you if you’re not vegan. The fur, leather, wool, down, scale and silk industries abuse, torture and murder animals.

Ms Peterson was eventually approached by security guards who asked her to leave the store.

The 28-year-old is known for catching the public eye wearing little to no clothing and drenched in fake blood in a bid to shock people into avoiding animal products.

She revealed on her OnlyFans account that she never wore lingerie until last year and only started the account to help her become a full-time rights activist.

Some of his other stunts involved holding up a fake severed pig’s head doused in blood outside a Melbourne butcher, receiving a barrage of verbal abuse from the small business owner.

In June, she went to the Bourke St Mall, still with Ms Ferrario, wearing only bare briefs, nipple covers and carrying a stuffed toy that looked like a baby lamb covered in blood.

Ms Peterson and her partner Jack Higgs recently left Western Australia in June after being banned from all approved venues following one of her controversial protests.

She announced the move on her Instagram saying she was “getting the f**k out of WA”.

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