Vandana Anchalia Foundation, KAW, Partners with Max Vets for Animal Welfare

Everyone aspires to be successful and famous, but only a select few have the golden opportunity to achieve this while making a difference in the lives of others. Vandana Anchalia is one of those people who had the chance to serve the needy while making a name for themselves.

Vandana is a corporate professional, pageant winner, and super mom, but while doing all of that, she also works to improve stray animals. Vandana is a philanthropist and animal rights activist who believes that every animal in need of treatment, love and care should receive it.

Vandana believes that every animal on this planet should lead a dignified life. She is passionate about animal welfare, which led her to successfully lead her animal welfare and care organization, Kannan Animal Welfare Foundation. The foundation strives to serve strays and companion animals in need of treatment and shelter.

In an effort to further its initiative and philanthropic ideas, the Kannan Animal Welfare Foundation has partnered with Max Vet, India’s leading veterinary brand, to establish its own veterinary hospital.

Kannan Animal Welfare was born after Vandana witnessed her neighbors kill their dog to death. The incident shook her deeply and gave her a moment of self-realization. She has made it her mission to get the best possible treatment for each animal.

This veterinary hospital is one step closer to its goal. According to Vandana, “It is important to work for those who cannot speak for themselves. In an effort to do this, KAW Veterinary Hospital, launched in partnership with Max Vet, will make animal welfare sustainable A large fund would also be set up for the treatment of stray animals and pets whose parents cannot afford treatment for them.

Speaking on the animal rights situation, Vandana believes that “COVID has come as a wake up call to show the extent of the cruelty that is happening to the animals around us. People have seen the plight of stray animals and although there is still a lack of representation for animal rights, more and more hands are being raised for animal welfare.

The hospital and KAW will not only focus on providing shelter and treatment for animals, but will also educate people about animal health and treatment for animals. Vandana aims to create a responsible society where animal welfare organizations are not needed. If the journey towards the goal may seem long and tedious, Vandana and KAW have taken their first step and now nothing can stop them.

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