UK: How hunters gutted animal welfare bill (sensitivity)

Vegan animal advocates on the left, hunters on the right. (Collage Beth Clifton)

Britain’s much-vaunted animal sentience law amounts to forming a parliamentary committee with no real powers and a mandate to do nothing that challenges ‘cultural traditions and regional heritage’

LONDON, UK–The 50 or so members of Better Deal for Animals, an alliance of 50 of Britain’s leading animal welfare organisations, wasted no time in congratulating each other and declaring “Victory! to donors following the final passage on 7 April 2022 of the Animal Welfare (Sentiment) Bill.

The Animal Welfare (Sensitivity) Bill recognizes animal sentience by forming a parliamentary committee to study it.

By itself, the Animal Welfare (Feeling) Bill gives no real mandate to change any aspect of the way animals are treated and used.

Animal Sentiment Committee

Animal Sentiment Committee.
(Collage Beth Clifton)

Already weak, weakened by the amendment

Additionally, yet-to-be-appointed members of the Committee on Animal Sentence were metaphorically defanged, declawed, dehorned, pinned and castrated by amendment nine days before the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill is approved at third reading in the House of Commons, two weeks before approval. the house of the lords.

Underline after the approval of the amendment of March 15, 2022 by the House of Commons, “the new Animal Sentence Committee will now have to ‘respect the legislative or administrative provisions and customs relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage’ .

If the Animal Welfare (Sensitivity) Bill ever had any practical value, it was in prioritizing the recognition of animal sentience over “legislative or administrative provisions and customs” when revising the legislation.

(Collage Beth Clifton)

The sentencing committee will be free to do nothing

Enthused Lee B. Rayment’s charity todayapparently unaware of the existence of the amendment of March 15, 2022, “The new law will see the formation of an Animal Sensibility Committee which will have the freedom to examine the extent to which any government policy has taken into account the needs of animal welfare, and is empowered to publish reports on its findings.

“The Minister responsible for that policy area then has a duty to table in Parliament a written response to the Committee’s reports within three months.”

The March 15, 2022 amendment significantly limits “freedom of scrutiny” by effectively providing an exemption for any government policy that purports to uphold “religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage.”

(Collage Beth Clifton)

“Restricts the ability of litigious animal rights groups”

Explain,”The amendment was proposed by Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Deputy Chairman of the British Shooting and Conservation Association and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation, and Jonathan Djanogly MP, Chairman of the British Shooting Sports Council.

Djanogly said: “While my colleagues and I still have reservations about the requirements of the Animal Welfare (Sensitivity) Bill, this amendment limits the ability of litigious animal rights groups to harm the government. and those who work with animals.”

British victory with flag, fireworks and John Bull

The British celebrate the bull.
(Collage Beth Clifton)

Animal rights groups ignore the amendment

Representatives of so-called “litigious animal rights groups” avoided any discussion of the March 15, 2022 amendment.

Chief Executive of Britain’s Royal SPCA, Chris Sherwood, said: “We are delighted that the new Animal Sensitivity Committee can influence public policy.

How? Sherwood did not say.

‘Humanity Dick’ Martin in 1824 won Britain’s first cruelty conviction after presenting an abused donkey as evidence – trumpeted by the media of the day as having called the donkey as an expert witness.

No card, no flowers, no candies, but screwed

Claire Bass, Executive Director of the Humane Society International/UK, recalled: “It is exactly 200 years since the [passage of the] The UK’s first animal welfare law, the Sentience Act is therefore a fantastic birthday present for animals.

If Bass is married, one would assume she would expect more on an important anniversary than just a restrained promise to discuss her feelings.

Four legs [Vier Pfoten] UK Director Sonul Badiani-Hemment suggested that “by passing the Animal Welfare (Sensitivity) Bill, the government has taken a big step towards being truly seen as a world leader. animal welfare”.

(Collage Beth Clifton)

“Leader” follows the rest of Western Europe, Australia and Brazil?

It is omitted from this assessment that European Union legislation has recognized animal sentience since 2009, as have the laws of non-EU countries including Australia, Switzerland and Brazil.

Like noted that “animal susceptibility was the only piece of EU legislation that has not been transposed [into United Kingdom law] when the UK officially left the EU on January 1, 2021.

James West, senior policy director for Compassion in World Farming, acknowledged this story.

Meaningful monkeys

(Collage Beth Clifton)


“We welcome the final passage of the bill which will once again enshrine animal sentience into UK law,” West said. “However, the Animal Sentence Committee still has a lot of work to do! It is essential that they prioritize policies that are likely to cause the greatest suffering to the greatest number of animals, including, of course, the millions of animals facing welfare problems on UK farms.

Wildlife & Countryside Link managing director Richard Benwell seemed more inclined to celebrate.

“It’s great to see MPs from all parties coming together to recognize animal sentience,” Benwell said, while warning that “the same consensus must be maintained to ensure that the advice of the new committee on animal susceptibility animals are monitored by the government so that this future policy reduces suffering and improves the welfare of animals.

delicatessen goose

(Collage Beth Clifton)

Parliament scrapped bill banning fur and foie gras

PETA spokeswoman Margarita Sachkova said, “The Animal Welfare (Sentiment) Bill undoubtedly represents progress for animals. However,” Sachkova pointed out, “the government is apparently losing priority to other animal welfare measures by dropping the promised Foreign Animals Bill, which would seek to ban the sale of fur and foie gras.”

PhD suggested from Oxford University. evolutionary biology candidate Ellen Pasternack in a guest column published by, “Despite all our talk about animal welfare, the old and widespread practice of killing animals for food is not going anywhere anytime soon. And while that is the case, legal proclamations like the Animal Welfare (Sentiment) Bill seem rather toothless and hypocritical. What can it mean to recognize animal sentience if we also tolerate the slaughter of animals by the billions each year? »

And restrict the discussion of animal sentience to only contexts that in no way interfere with “religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage”?

George Eustice.
(Collage Beth Clifton)

Was easy to see this scam coming

All this, by the way, is more or less what ANIMALS 24-7 due May 21, 2021, after George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, introduced the Animal Welfare (Sensitivity) Bill in a lengthy and detailed addendum to the Queen’s speech opening the current parliamentary session.

Lord Peter Goldsmith of Richmond Park followed up on Eustice’s remarks by introducing “A Bill providing for the establishment of an Animal Sensibility Committee with duties relating to the effect of government policy on animal welfare as sentient beings”, the original title of the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill.

Beth & Merritt

(Beth & Merrit Clifton)

Underline ANIMALS 24-7 at the time, “the formation of a committee is a traditional political ploy to avoid taking action”.

(See UK “animal sentience” law: claimed “victory” before the fight begins.)

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