The importance of animal rights and welfare

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New Delhi: World Animal Day is a day to celebrate animals and the contributions they make to our lives and also a very important day to realize that animals need our help. World Animal Day dates back to 1925, when Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first celebration in Berlin. Zimmermann, the publisher of a German animal-loving magazine, “Man and Dog,” kicked off the day to raise awareness and improve animal welfare. The date of October 4 was chosen because it is also known as the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Saint Francis was widely known for his kind and extraordinary manner with animals and all living beings. Some Catholic churches are even known to offer blessings to pets on this day in honor of all that Saint Francis has done for animal welfare.

The importance of animal rights and welfare is that animals are sentient beings that feel pain and suffering, which makes them worthy of rights. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak for them to ensure they are treated fairly.

It is also an important day to recognize that animals have important rights as well as needs, which include adequate housing and care, training and socialization, opportunities for exercise and play, and protection from harm. damage. It is imperative to help animals actively try to protect their homes from those who do not respect their environment and habitats.

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According to the World Animal Day website, the primary goal is to elevate the status of animals and help improve welfare standards around the world. In explanation of the day, the website adds that “this day is celebrated in different ways in every country, regardless of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. Through increased awareness and education, we We can create a world where animals are still recognized as sentient human beings and full consideration is still given to their welfare.”

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