The Ark Animal Care: Prioritizing animal welfare over profit in Egypt

The Ark Animal Care: Prioritizing animal welfare over profit in Egypt

Photo via Sainte-Catherine Veterinary Hospital

In recent years, animal welfare has become a growing concern among Egyptians. Due to the unaffordability of most veterinary clinics in Egypt, many pet owners only consult a veterinarian when their pet is in terrible condition. On the other hand, many forego seeing a vet altogether, claiming that clinics are only for wealthy people.

In 2013, Dr. Mina Roshdy and Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz founded The Ark Animal Care with the sole belief that high quality veterinary medicine should be readily available and affordable for pets and their owners, through a compassionate approach that puts the well-being of all first. animals.

“As Noah’s Ark saved animals from the flood, so The Ark Animal Care is the animals’ vessel to safety,” Abdelaziz told Egyptian Streets.

The Ark Animal Care in Garden City
Picture via Facebook

The clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic solutions, from digital x-rays, vaccinations and ultrasounds to snap kits and microscopy. In an effort to raise the standard of veterinarians and animal welfare in Egypt, Abdelaziz describes his work as community service rather than a job or business.

A facility that prides itself on being built on honesty, integrity and dedication, The Ark Animal Care has made a name for itself in the Garden City district of Cairo as a leading veterinary clinic that prioritizes animal welfare versus business and profit.

“We never look at how much money we’re going to get from [a] procedure, we mainly focus on the animals and their needs,” explains Abdelaziz.

A sense of humanitarian work exists in all of Ark’s practices. To combat the fear of strays and their inhuman methods of getting rid of them, the clinic’s founders cooperated with Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Garden City, and together they neutered and vaccinated nearly 70% of the residents of Garden City. stray dogs.

TNR is a method of managing stray animals and reducing their numbers by neutering, vaccinating and returning them to where they were found.

In Egypt, many see stray cats and dogs as a constant threat to their safety. As a result, some come to mistreat them, or kill them out of simple hatred, and sometimes out of fear. However, in recent years, many volunteers, shelters and initiatives have campaigned for animal rights and raised awareness of ways to help stray animals in Egypt.

In addition, they also participated in “Zero by 30”, a global initiative that aims to achieve zero human deaths related to canine rabies by 2030 worldwide. Their contribution includes launching campaigns in Luxor, Hurghada, Dahab and Nuweiba.

“We realized that the South Sinai community does not have the medical services or facilities available in Cairo. Although there are vets, they lack the tools to offer professional veterinary care, especially given the huge amount of stray animals in South Sinai,” Abdelaziz adds.

X-ray in veterinary practice
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Abdelaziz explained that vets often have to take animals to Cairo to perform a simple procedure like an X-ray, and in many time-critical cases, that’s not practical.

Born out of their passion for animal care and commitment to ensuring they are where they are needed most, The Ark Animal Care is soon opening a new branch in Dahab.

The Ark Animal Care is striving to become one of the leading veterinary clinics in the region.

Learn more about them here.

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