Surveillance video captures theft of 3 American Bullies from Raytown animal shelter

RAYTOWN, Mo. (KCTV) — Police are investigating the theft of three American Bullies from an animal shelter in Raytown.

Early Saturday morning, police reported an alarm had gone off at the Midwest Animal ResQ, located in the 10000 block of E. 63rd Street in Raytown.

Upon arrival, officers found that someone had broken into the shelter and stolen the three dogs.

Midwest Animal ResQ said the dogs recently had surgery and needed medical attention.

“These three dogs need urgent medical attention,” said Erin Morse, director of Midwest Animal ResQ. “We are concerned for their welfare, obviously concerned that they are in the custody of criminals.”

Captured surveillance video shows two men breaking down a door using a crowbar and entering the row of the kennel. They targeted three specific dogs.

The video also shows one of the burglars removing a surgical cone from one of the dogs.

“We could really use the community support right now,” Morse said. “That’s why we’re here – to support the community. But sometimes we need the help of the community and this is one of those times.

If you have any information, please contact the TIPS Helpline at 816-474-TIPS.

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