‘Rat Roulette’ game at US funfair sparks huge animal rights debate

A fairground game in the US has sparked controversy for its use of live rats after a clip went viral on TikTok.

The use of animals in circuses and fairgrounds has gone out of style in recent times due to animal rights and welfare concerns.

But, a recent TikTok sparked outrage after a fair game in Alaska used a live mouse for human entertainment.

The clip of the game says “Rat Roulette” was shared by TikToker @the_alaska_guy and has been viewed over half a million times.

In the clip, a mouse can be seen above a spinning roulette table while Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” can be heard playing in the background.

Before spinning the roulette table, players in the game must bet on which hole the mouse will fall into and win by guessing correctly.

The text overlay on the clip read that the game was “one of the highlights of the year for us Alaskans!”.

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In the comments, TikTok users debated using a live animal in an entertainment game.

One user wrote, “That poor mouse was probably so confused and dazed.”

Someone else asked, “Does anyone feel sorry for the poor mouse?”

Another commented: “That mouse must be so stressed out.”

“They don’t have animal cruelty laws in Alaska?” asked another TikToker.

But, for some, it brought back fond childhood memories with one person saying the game is the “best part” of the fair.

One user wrote, “I grew up with this game. great memories.”

Another said: “Love the mouse game. Probably the most honest game fairs.

Someone else said, “Best part of the fair.

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