QC Animal Welfare Center needs foster parents as shelter fills up

The shelter is currently at capacity, which means they need foster parents. But, promoting is not the easiest job.

MILAN, Ill. — The Quad City Animal Welfare Center is at capacity.

Now they are looking for prospective adoptive parents, but QCAWC director Patti McCray said there are a few things adoptive parents should check before applying.

“There are several things I would think about and think about. First and foremost, I would think about what you already have at home. So if you have pets that are easygoing, love other animals, which are accepting, would be an ideal situation. If you have dogs or cats, perhaps, who don’t like other animals, this may not be the right thing to do. Because that you’re going to stress them by bringing another animal,” McCray said.

Time is another important aspect, especially when handling younger animals.

“You have to have a schedule where you can, especially if it’s young animals. This one comes and goes with me. She’s bottle-fed about every three to four hours right now, but it’s was every two hours. . So it’s a big commitment. And then the puppies, of course, you know, they’re messy, they need a lot of care, they need a lot of cleaning time. So you maybe consider an older animal instead of a younger one.”

But, if an interested foster parent ticks all of these boxes, they could save a few lives.

“You save them, they might not have survived without you. So it’s a great feeling. And it’s just, it’s something that, you know, I’ve done for many years and I will continue to do so.”

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