Protest by animal rights group outside Nithya Raman’s office | New

LOS ANGELES — A group of animal rights activists continue to raise concerns about horses kept for pony rides in Griffith Park, saying the animals were forced to work even as temperatures soared into the 90s.

Last week, the Los Angeles Animal Alliance (LAAA) staged a protest at Councilwoman Nithya Raman’s office demanding that she end pony rides. “Animals at Griffith Park and Pony Ride were pushed into 100 F Los Angeles heatwaves, and continued to push these geriatric ponies further into 98 F, then 97 F, seen here,” Zohra said. Fahim, founder of LAAA.

“Board Member Raman and Los Angeles Recreation and Parks have renewed the Griffith Park and Pony Ride contract with Geriatric Ponies having algae in their water, overworked Geriatric Ponies and a collapsing Geriatric Pony. They also been told the park is not following CDC guidelines, Animals Welfare Act, CA Health and Safety Code 25988, Penal Code 597 but they renewed the contract anyway,” Fahim said.

Fahim added that Raman had foreseen in the new renewal contract that Stephen Weeks had to close the dealership at 95F and slow down to 90F, but that did not happen. “I have video footage from several days where he was not in compliance. Council member Raman was informed and she continued to downplay the fact that the geriatric ponies were working at 100F.”

The FAAA has railed against the pony ride operation for months, regularly staging protests in the park. ‘In a city that prides itself on the highest standards of animal welfare, we must immediately end animal abuse when we witness it. This is why we protested for months to bring light to the suffering of the animals in this park,’ a LAAA statement said in May.

Representatives for Griffith Park Pony Rides could not be reached for comment, but the company told the City News Service earlier this year that in the past its horses were “well cared for, respected and loved”.

‘The concession of pony rides is animal cruelty disguised as children’s entertainment. Mean treatment of animals does not align with Los Angeles values,’ the group says, noting that in recent years Los Angeles has passed a fur ban, a hook ban, and a ban on the use of wild animals at private parties. “

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