Protection and welfare of animals in Bali

Bali is no different from many countries in the world, where some animals are mistreated for the love of entertain people and make profit. This sad phenomenon is widespread in developing countries, but it is also observed all over the world. Zoos, circuses and animal parks are very often at the heart of the problem.

It could be easy to blame the people who start and run these businesses. And yes, they are responsible for their actions. But it also depends on the consumer. We can decide to make more responsible choices and assume the consequences and ripple effects. The moment when we decide to use animals for entertainment. And, of course, if we care about animal welfare and animal welfare, we need to be more aware of how we interact with animal businesses and consume in general.

As a visitor to Bali, you have a choice. The power to decide which establishments and activities you visit and therefore support. A business that has no customers will either change its approach or have to close its doors. has decided not to list, promote or accept any form of advertising for certain lines of business, of which we are not satisfied that animal welfare is properly in place. And quite simply, some companies, by the very fact that they exist, are already slipping through the net. There is no way to properly keep dolphins in captivity. Any direct contact with monkeys and big cats and their caresses are also by definition problematic. A dancing monkey may be fun to a simple mind, but the animal’s suffering is real and constant.

We are neither animal police nor experts in this field. We have not visited and cannot visit all the places that live off the use of animals. Therefore, it is a subjective and personal decision of the people behind this website. Every visitor to Bali is free to decide for themselves what to do and what not to do and see if they would treat their dog or cat at home like that.

A short list of things we don’t support:

  • Dolphin encounters of all kinds
  • Dolphin boat trips (mainly Lovina Bay)
  • Some of the Elephant Riding Adventures
  • Big game fishing and sport fishing
  • Spearfishing
  • Riding (depends on stable), some good, most not
  • Manta, Whaleshark and Mola Mola dive with touch
  • Most Kopi Luwak plantations (most keep Luwaks in small cages, forcing them to eat the coffee beans all the time, which is only a tiny part of their natural diet)
  • Birds in cages, in restaurants and hotels
  • Turtle Island
  • Dancing Monkey Entertainment

If you know of companies that make money from animal suffering, please contact us.

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