Palma looks at electric cars

Ciudadanos (Cs) to the City Council of Palma presented a proposal for replacement of horse-drawn carriages by electric ones. This proposal will be brought before a plenary session of the council, the adviser for sustainable mobility, Francesc Dalmau of the PSOE, underlining the concern for animal welfare. As much as horse-drawn carriages are a “tradition”, “it cannot continue”. Political agreement, he says, is needed for legislative change.

Dalmau gave no indication as to when a “phased implementation” of a new system might begin, but for Cs’ Eva Pomar, “there is a need to update and implement electric cars” , regardless of any tradition. She adds that it will also require support for the operators – “the people who live from this activity”.

The Cs want to ensure that the switch to electric cars does not lead to “a decrease useand suggest that credit be made available for a transition.

Vox spokesman Fulgencio Coll says the proposal “can be a solution”, but he also believes the town hall could do more to ensure the best treatment and take care of the horses.

* The transition to electric cars has been discussed for several years. The fiercest political critics of horse-drawn carriages, animal rights party Progress in greenhave constantly denounced the administration of the town hall for its inaction in the implementation of this change.

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