Pakistan to teach animal welfare and rights in schools for the first time

ISLAMABAD – As awareness of animal rights and welfare has sparked debate across the world, Pakistan is the latest to educate its students about animal welfare.

The Prime Minister’s Assistant for Strategic Reforms, Salman Sufi, shared the development in a social media post, saying the government was preparing a special course on animal welfare for schools in the federal capital. of the country, Islamabad.

Sufi said students in public and private schools will be introduced to a humane approach to animals.

Diving into the details of the initiative, the Prime Minister’s aide said the course had already been mapped out and would be introduced by the end of October.

He said the course would be taught to fifth-grade students and there would be after-school sessions.

The depth of the course will increase with the promotion of students to the next level, he said, adding that animal rights activists will educate children about keeping pets. He also shed light on injured strays, adding that Islam teaches the protection of every living thing.

Sufi called Pakistan “a horrible place for these animals”, saying that “our generation has let animals down”. He said people need to be aware of the consequences of keeping wild animals at home, calling it an appalling and inconvenient idea.

The Prime Minister’s aide mentioned that the government was in touch with international organizations and local activists on animal rights projects.

Animal rights activists have welcomed the government’s initiative, hoping the course will soon be taught in schools across Pakistan.

Many disturbing events regarding animal abuse have made headlines in Pakistan. The sight of the dancing animals was slammed as the wild animals were forced to take action and dance in the streets. Sexually aggressive behavior towards animals has also sparked outrage.

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