Owner abandoned dog at animal shelter and declared him gay

Fezco, the dog, was turned over to the Stanly County Humane League when his owners discovered him blowing another male dog. Because his owners claimed the dog was gay, a North Carolina dog was abandoned and transferred to an animal shelter.

According to a UNILAD report. The dog, believed to be between four and five years old, is said to get along well with humans and animals.

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Such behavior is all too common in dogs, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “Mounting or pushing may be part of normal pet play behavior and may not necessarily indicate their sexuality.Dogs sometimes mount other animals “to display their social status or control”.

Fezco’s story was shared on Facebook, and the shelter is asking relief organizations in the area to take him in until he brings him home forever.

Meanwhile, animal rights groups have slammed Fezco’s former owners, calling them “hateful” for abandoning him.

As one user stated, “What is it? Dogs fuck other dogs because of dominance. What’s wrong with these people. It makes me so outraged. And it’s near my hometown. People make me so angry. The people who gave away this sweet dog never deserve to have a pet again!

While another said: ‘Dogs work anything and everything. I hope a loving family will adopt him.

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