OKC Animal Welfare will receive MAPS 4 funding for a new animal shelter

Overpopulation is just one of the many issues facing animal welfare in Oklahoma City. The city initially allocated $38 million of its MAPS 4 funding for a new animal shelter and later increased that amount to $42 million.

The shelter told News 9 the new space will help save more animals.

“This shelter was built 20 years ago, we moved into this building in 2001, so every time we moved into the building it was new. At the time, animals were brought in, held for three days, and then euthanized. There wasn’t really a rescue, only about 10 percent of the animals that came in at that time were rescued,” said Jon Gary, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Superintendent.

MAPS 4 funding is set aside to replace the current shelter with a brand new one.

“We were fortunate to be one of sixteen projects selected this year to be able to build a new facility,” said Gary.

According to the city, the new shelter will be on city-owned land with adoption and care by OKC Animal Welfare.

“The whole design wasn’t right, now that we’ve changed, we’re saving more lives and doing our best to save more animals. That’s where this new facility is really going to come in,” said Gary.

The new shelter will have a more modern and spacious play area for cats and at least 50 additional kennels for dogs.

“Not only will it be a bit bigger and have more capacity, but just the overall design. Bigger kennels, for example, the kennels our dogs stay in are far too small for the duration of their stay here,” said Gary said.

The veterinary clinic will also be expanded, allowing staff and pet owners to stay with their pets during appointments.

“The shelter will have space for our field team to have offices and areas where they can meet the public,” he said.

Animal Welfare begins the design phase in early 2023. They begin construction in 2024.

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