Northland boy uses his baking skills to support local animal shelter

GRAND RAPIDS, MN. (CBS 3 Duluth) – An inspirational 9-year-old from Northland is making a difference, one pastry at a time.

“I just want to make a difference for people,” Landin Rahier, 9, said.

He hasn’t always had the easiest time connecting with other kids.

“He’s often bullied, and we always have to tell him, ‘choose the few people who love you and that’s all that matters, and God,'” Landin’s mother, Desiree Rahier said.

She said Landin was diagnosed with autism when he was very young.

He’s always loved animals because, as he says, “they don’t have to talk, they just love you unconditionally.”

“I love them because you don’t know their imagination until you meet them,” he said. “And when you meet them, maybe sometimes they will become your pets.”

In late May, Desiree and Landin were driving together near Grand Rapids when the car in front of them hit a dog and drove off.

“I’m not the type of person to keep driving,” Desiree said.

They stopped to help the injured dog and brought her to Great Tails Animal Rescue where she was taken to a vet for treatment.

There they discovered that she also suffered a gunshot wound, but still do not know when she was shot.

“[Landin] wouldn’t let him go,” Desiree said. “It really hurt him. He cried many nights honestly, because we just couldn’t take it.

Landin, a well-known baker in his community, had already planned a sale this weekend.

He was so grateful to Great Tails Animal Rescue that he decided to do what he could to support them.

“Because of this dog, he says, ‘I don’t need the money mom, I want to give it to them, so they can help another dog,'” Desiree said.

He runs a booth at Effie Days Friday through Sunday, where he’ll sell banana bread, brownies, cupcakes and more.

All proceeds will benefit his friends at Great Tails Animal Rescue as they raise money for a bigger building, so they can house more animals.

“When you make a difference, it feels good because you know you’re doing something for someone else,” Landin said.

If you can’t make it to Effie Days, but still want to support Landin’s cause, you can do so through Gofundme.

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