Montclair is home to a new animal rights group

Montclair, NJ – Humane Montclair, a new organization whose mission is to promote animal welfare and eco-friendly initiatives throughout Montclair, while raising awareness of issues that impact animal welfare, people and the planet, launches this weekend at Montclair’s Pride Festival.

The founder of Humane Montclair is Annette Batson, who has been part of Baristanet since its inception. As a Humane Policy Leader Volunteer (HPLV) for the Humane Society of New Jersey, Batson wanted to raise awareness of animal issues that affect us all and how cities like Montclair can help effect change.

Part of Humane Montclair’s mission is to partner with community groups to create animal and environmentally friendly initiatives throughout Montclair.

Humane Montclair will advocate for the enactment of animal welfare ordinances and regulations that protect all animals. Community outreach will highlight and promote pet-friendly businesses and restaurants and implement local initiatives, and provide information on the connection between animal welfare and health, environmental and social issues. of social justice. The project will partner with and leverage the resources of existing community actors to carry out its mission, such as Montclair BID and Friends Of Montclair Animal Shelter (FOMTAS).

Humane Montclair’s first event will take place on June 11, 2022, from noon to 6 p.m., as part of the city’s first-ever Pride Festival. Bring your pets to sample a volley of vegan dog treats, then have them microchipped and registered!

Representatives of Humane Montclair will be manning a pet-friendly booth at Out Montclair’s Pride Festival, alongside Montclair Township Animal Shelter and FOMTAS. There will be snacks for vegans, a dog treat tasting bar courtesy of Lord James Organic Dog Treats and Petaluma, and a watering station for pet owners and their 4-legged friends. Bring your pets for microchipping and on-site pet registration (bring original copies of pet vaccination records), exhibits and more. Come meet Animal Control Supervisor Michele Shiber (who cares for Montclair’s pets and saves bears, among her many responsibilities) and learn how to adopt a pet.

Humane Montclair is grateful for the generous contributions of Brookdale ShopRite, FAT BADGER BAKERY, PETALUMA dog food, L&B Healthy Pet Markets, Paradox Brewery, MARS Petcare and the Peace Advocacy Network.

How Humane Montclair became

The concept of the Humane Montclair initiative began with three women who share a passion for animals – Batson and Karen Sacks, president of FOMTAS, member of the HPLV, and Elissa Frank, director of the New Jersey Humane Society. After a few meetings, the pilot program was born.

“While working on legislative support at the state level, I was inspired to take action for change at the local level that could address the ‘big picture’ and connect the dots between pets, well -being animals, climate change, the environment, public health, and social justice,” says Batson. “I proposed a framework of local initiatives to include events, policies, and education that would raise awareness and enhance the city’s profile as a progressive leader in animal welfare and related environmental issues.”

“We are thrilled to present this community connection campaign and I am thrilled with the positive response and collaboration I have received from residents, local businesses and organizations such as Montclair BID, Montclair Township Animal Shelter, FOMTAS , HSUS, animal attorney for Senator Raymond Lesniak and the Lesniak Foundation, Better Cities for Pets and the Animal Legal Defense Fund,” says Batson, who adds that the pilot program is designed to be accessible, actionable and scalable for d other communities.

Councilor Peter Yacobellis, also deeply connected to the animal world, has been a supporter of Humane Montclair since its inception.

“I feel what I would consider a spiritual connection to animals; animals teach us unconditional love and joy. By hobby, I am an animal photographer; now as an elected official, i want to do everything in my power to improve animal welfare through public policy. I am thrilled to work with this group of amazing women, including my Council colleague, Robin Schlager, to move the law forward.


Contact [email protected] to receive more information and updates. To volunteer with Humane Montclair, Click here to join.


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