Monroe County Animal Shelter Investigated Amid Neglect Allegations

MONROE, Mich.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office takes a closer look at his own animal shelter after several accusations of neglect from the community.

Reports started coming in this week, and the sheriff says they will immediately begin a full audit and assess operations.

The tensions are so high in Monroe County that the community member we spoke to wanted to remain anonymous. They told Local 4 News it started with several Facebook messages shedding light on alleged negligence in Monroe County animal shelter.

“They were posted in many public groups which got a lot of attention and outrage,” the anonymous said.

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The first posts showed before and after photos, accusing the shelter of neglecting care for two dogs who had been detained for a year due to an ongoing court case.

“One of them had cancer and was diagnosed most recently, but the other is just as skinny and has just as many health issues as well as signs of anxiety from being there for so long,” said the anonymous person.

Facebook comments, including hundreds of shares, started rolling in. Then another message is posted about another dog.

This time it was a stray dog.

“She started gnawing on her kennel and she broke all her teeth trying to get through that kennel,” the unnamed person said. “And it was actually very graphic.”

The unnamed person alleges that the dog was returned to a kennel and it took over a week plus backlash from social media to get this dog to the vet.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office says that when they were notified of the incident on Monday, the dog was taken to the vet and it was determined there were no injuries after being bitten through the cage. Moreover, the dog’s admission documents show that he was already missing a tooth.

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A captain has been appointed to carry out a full audit and evaluation of the shelter’s operations.

Although this is only the beginning, some are still worried.

“A colleague should not audit his own colleagues, because it is very easy to hide it.”

The sheriff was unavailable for an interview, but said this audit began immediately and they would go back to January 2021.

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