Kentucky animal shelter receives $50,000 in disaster relief grants

HAZARD, Ky. (LEX 18) – The Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter in Hazard just received two grants totaling $50,000 in disaster relief from charities PetSmart and Petco after devastating flooding this summer. Additional funds mean more specialized care for animals.

Allie Mullins, the manager of this shelter, says: “At the moment they are getting the bare minimum. They are cleaned, fed, watered and cared for if they need medicine – that’s about it. But we would like the animals to be walked and socialized and cared for more thoroughly.”

Mullins says the manager of this shelter says that before the flood, between 150 and 250 animals would be here at one time now that the weather is getting colder, that number is up to 300.

“At first we had all these stray animals, some were recovered, some are still there – and then now we have the problem of people, where it’s cold at night, people can’t keep their animals,” she said.

This $50,000 in relief funds for this shelter will help increase staff, meet the animals’ veterinary needs and make improvements to the space.

“As I arrive I look at 100 animals that I have to take care of every day and that is why we have asked the staff for money in the grant because with the influx of animals there is no just no way to take care of them properly,” Mullins says.

She hopes that over the next two weeks this shelter will get the extra support it needs to continue caring for these animals. She says many animals have been through so much already.

“A lot of them are depressed. So when we have staff who can spend more time with them, they start to be happier, they’re more adoptable, rescues are more likely to take them,” Mullins says.

This shelter works to restore joy to these animals.

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