It is unacceptable for animal welfare to use a delivery van for kittens, says PN

It is completely unacceptable that the Animal Welfare Directorate used a delivery van carrying food instead of an animal ambulance, the Nationalist Party said in a statement following the deaths of newborn kittens.

It comes after Lovin Malta reported the case of newborn kittens who froze to death due to the cold temperatures they were placed in while being transported by Animal Welfare.

“It is unacceptable that animals who are already vulnerable due to their health conditions are placed in a freezer,” the PN said in a statement.

While acknowledging how the officer driving this van ended up being fired from his job, the Nationalist Party asked if this officer wondered why he was going to use this type of van and also why the Animals Directorate had not foreseen the imminent danger to which the cats were exposed. at.

“The main objective of the Animals Directorate is to ensure that all animals have their five main freedoms respected: that they are neither hungry nor thirsty; they do not go through suffering; not exposed to pain; to have the right to live their life in accordance with their personality and to be kept free from any form of fear or stress,” he said.

“Therefore, the PN notes that it is unacceptable that in this case it was animal welfare itself that created an undesirable state for the animals where it exposed them to additional hardship which led to their death.”

In light of this, the Nationalist Party has demanded that all necessary investigations be carried out and that measures be taken to ensure that similar cases do not happen again.

“Instead, the government should see that it is the Animal Welfare Branch that really protects and protects animals,” he said.

The Nationalist Party also reaffirmed that in the country, even the animals deserved much better.

She also thanked the many volunteers who dedicate their time, money and energy every day to best help animals in need.

Do you think animals deserve better in Malta?

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