Ballarat Animal Shelter seeks new homes for over 60 dogs

The Shelter asks Ballarat to come meet their new furry friend and consider welcoming a dog into their home today.

The Ballarat Animal Shelter currently has 63 dogs in the shelter.

To continue the high standard of care the shelter provides to all animals at the facility, the shelter would like to see some of these dogs housed.

During the last financial year, the Ballarat Animal Shelter facilitated the adoption of 164 dogs and 44 puppies.

Due to overwhelming demand at the animal shelter, shelter staff have been delayed in uploading the dog’s biography to the Pet Rescue website, but there is everything from a Stag mix to a Labrador from purebred ready for a new home.

Please contact the shelter to discuss which dog is best suited for your home.

Why not consider the social butterfly, Rosie, a high-spirited, people-loving Staffy who loves daily exercise, who has sadly made the shelter her home for over 5 months.

Or Stormy, a 4-year-old half-breed who has been at the shelter since July, she will take a few moments to warm up but then will enjoy lots of hugs.

If you are looking for an easy-going dog, why not Ali? An 8 year old kelpie mix who is very calm and loves people. She would suit almost any type of home, as long as she gets her daily walk.

There is a $410 rehoming fee for all dogs at the animal shelter.

Ballarat City Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney believes a dog is a wonderful addition to every family, and there truly is a dog for everyone.

“A few years ago we introduced a former racing greyhound into our household and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Damo the dog is now a much loved member of our family,” he said.

“Why not add a four-legged friend to your life today? The experienced team at the animal shelter can help you find the dog that suits your lifestyle and you can help improve the life of a dog.

Visit the Ballarat Animal Shelter website or contact us to book an appointment to find your new furry friend, the experienced staff will help find the perfect fit for you and your family!

The City of Ballarat’s vision for a new, fully compliant animal sanctuary is set to come to fruition with the announcement that the Government of Victoria has earmarked $11.5 million in its 2022/23 state budget to achieve the project.

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