Anonymous for the Voiceless hold animal rights protest in Inverness

A demonstration was held in Inverness for animal rights.

A protest took place in Inverness over the weekend in support of animal welfare.

Anonymous for the Voiceless donned Guy Fawkes masks – made famous in the hit film V for Vendetta – to stage the silent protest.

The nonprofit, originally formed in Australia, hopes to raise awareness about farming practices it deems unhealthy and support animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

Anonymous for the Voiceless Inverness started just over a year ago and has since held three-hour group sessions twice a month.

A spokesperson for the chapter said: “Anonymous for the Voiceless is a global non-profit animal rights organization specializing in using conversations and footage of standard animal agriculture practices to educate the public about the animal exploitation they fund if they are not vegan..

“We have a firm abolitionist position against all forms of non-human animal exploitation.

“We are a voice against the greatest and oldest injustice in history.

“Our street activism consists of two teams. A ‘truth cube’ team who hold truth cards and TV shows showing what happens to animals that non-vegans use, these members wear anonymous masks and do not interact with the audience and remain sculptural resulting in an eye-catching static piece of art that draws the audience in to find out why we are here.

“The second team is the relays who speak to members of the public who are interested in what we are doing.

“The images shown combined with information from the Outreach Team help to empower the individual for change by shedding light on the victim’s perspective.

“We stand up for the voiceless victims who are denied respect, we do not fight for better welfare, for bigger cages or better conditions before being brutally killed, we fight for the absence of cages.

“The use of animals is abuse.

“We fight for victims to have rights over their own bodies, to be respected for the individuals they are instead of being seen as commodities that non-vegans can use as they please and trade with. .

“There is no humane way to kill someone who wants to live, so we ask everyone to stop the unnecessary abuse of the animals they fund and to be vegan.”

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