Animal welfare protest shuts down NBA game, again

– What is becoming a familiar scene unfolded during a Saturday night playoff game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Memphis Grizzlies. A woman rushed onto the field shortly after the start of the third quarter before being quickly tackled by security, reports Sports Illustrated. A second woman in the stands who did not make it to the field was also arrested. (You can watch the scene here.) The protesters belong to animal welfare group Direct Action Everywhere, and they accuse Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor of poor practices at an egg farm he owns in Iowa called Rembrandt Enterprises, reports the Sales call.

In Game 1 of the series, a woman chained herself to a basket post, and in the Timberwolves’ “play-in” game to reach the playoffs, a woman stuck herself to the field. The activist group accuses Taylor’s farm of violating animal cruelty practices by killing more than 5 million chickens in March to contain an outbreak of bird flu, reports the Storm Lake Times Pilot. The farm used a USDA-sanctioned practice in which the barn ventilation is turned off and temperatures reach over 100 degrees. The group, however, says it has video showing that at least a dozen chickens survived. The lack of a 100% mortality rate violates American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines, he says.

Taylor is not commenting on the situation, according to CBS Sports. The best-of-seven series is tied at 2-2, raising the possibility of more protests surfacing in the near future. That probably won’t be the case in the long run, though. Taylor will sell his majority stake in the Timberwolves next year to a group led by former baseball star Alex Rodriguez and businessman Marc Lore. (Read more Minnesota Timberwolves stories.)

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