Animal welfare pledges not to euthanize rescued stray kittens as activists worry about future shelters

Malta’s Animal Welfare Authority has denied plans to euthanize stray kittens after activists warned it could be forced to kill them due to a lack of space among families hospitality and shrines.

“The Animal Welfare Directorate does not euthanize stray kittens and are in continuous communication with the APH Veterinary Hospital to monitor the progress of the weakest animal that has been rescued,” a gatekeeper told Lovin Malta. -spoken by the Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights, Alicia Bugeja Said.

“When needed, the Animal Welfare Directorate gives approval for orthopedic and exploratory surgeries to save an animal’s life. Regarding kittens, the Animal Welfare Directorate receives a lot of support from NGOs and foster families and is working to increase its capacity.

In recent days, some animal activists have warned that foster families and sanctuaries are rapidly running out of space to house all the stray kittens found in Malta and raised the specter of future killing shelters, a possibility raised last year by Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina. .

Killed animal sanctuaries are animal sanctuaries that cull cats and dogs if they are not adopted within a certain period of time and can be found worldwide including the UK.

In an impassioned video, activist Maxine Borg said a handful of local foster families currently house around 400 kittens and are refusing to give them to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

“We do background checks on potential adopters and if you don’t pass them, I’m sorry, but we won’t give you a pet,” she said. “We believe you should love animals as much as you love your children.”

She called on authorities not to give more human resources to Animal Welfare, despite promises from Prime Minister Robert Abela and his wife Lydia Abela to prioritize animal rights.

Her harshest criticisms were reserved for Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo, who she said “plays on his cell phone during meetings”.

“What kind of minister are you? ” she asked. “I don’t understand how you got deported.”

Fiona Broome Camilleri of the Real Animal Rights Foundation said animal activists are “on their knees asking for help”, but Refalo continues to look the other way.

“You have said that you are the government that listens to the people… well, you certainly don’t listen to us who need to be heard. We always find money for all types of projects but never for the voiceless… why?

Meanwhile, Rescued Is My Favorite Breed’s Lulu Arpa has appealed to the general public to help encourage stray dogs, warning that animal welfare is running out of space for enclosures.

Bugeja Said recently promised that the first national cat sterilization campaign will take place this year, easing the pressure on foster families and sanctuaries.

She also promised to set up a customer support desk for the National Animal Ambulance to improve its responsiveness to calls about abandoned animals.

Cover photo: Left: Animal activist Maxine Borg with a rescued kitten, Right: Parliamentary Animal Rights Secretary Alicia Bugeja Said

What can be done to help find homes for stray animals?

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