Animal welfare department needs more resources, says PN after MSPCA rescues Gudja


The Nationalist Party has called for a better endowed animal welfare department, both in terms of human resources and capacity.

The statement comes after the MSPCA intervened to rescue four flea-infested dogs that had been abandoned in a field that had caught fire in Gudja. In the same field, the organization found a horse that was probably starved to death.

Dead horse not recovered as MSPCA rescues 4 flea-infested dogs

The case came to light after a resident raised the alarm when animal welfare officers did not let the dogs in because they were not microchipped and deemed ‘healthy’. Residents living nearby fed the dogs on the rubble walls when their owner stopped passing by.

The Nationalist Party called on the government to immediately allocate adequate human resources and increase the capacity of the existing shelter.

“It is unacceptable that dogs infested with fleas are not taken in, especially during the summer,” the PN said.

The party praised the MSPCA for its work.

Animal rights and welfare must be taken seriously,” said opposition MP and animal rights spokesperson Janice Chetcuti.


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