Animal rights alliance urges Ryanair to change its no-pets policy

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The European Alliance for Dogs and Cats has urged Ryanair to reconsider changing its no-pets policy to avoid having to separate Ukrainian refugees from their beloved pets.

In an open letter to the CEO of the low-cost airline, the alliance shed light on Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion with their pets but unable to continue their journey.

“We have been advised that refugees cannot continue their journey with their pets on low cost airlines such as Ryanair due to the general no pet policy. Unlike the fleets of other low-cost airlines, we understand that Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800s have appropriate climate control to accommodate pets in the hold,” said alliance chair Suzie Carley. .

“Given the large number of refugees fleeing Ukraine with their pets and the need for affordable return travel, we urge you to consider restrictions on pets traveling in the hold on your flights under these circumstances. specific.”

While the priority must be the safe evacuation of people fleeing conflict, the alliance stressed that consideration should be given to their pets.

“For many refugees fleeing Ukraine, the prospect of continuing their journey without their beloved pet is unthinkable and, given the importance of this human-animal bond, we strongly believe they should be allowed stick together,” Carley said.

Such compensation would follow IATA Live Travel regulations, the alliance said, and added that it was important that the destination of departure and arrival had the appropriate animal handling facilities.

“We would appreciate your reconsidering your policy to ensure that people fleeing Ukraine do not have to make this decision,” Carley said.

The alliance represents 95 animal welfare organizations operating in the EU and UK.

The statement was endorsed by the local organization, MSPCA, calling on budget airlines to welcome pets from Ukrainian refugees and to support the strong bond these people have with their pets and to remove some restrictions in these specific circumstances.


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