Animal rights activists want Glen Taylor removed as T-Wolves governor after protests | Launderer’s report

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Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights activist group that disrupted three Minnesota Timberwolves games in April to protest team governor Glen Taylor’s ownership of Rembrandt Farms, has demanded he relinquish his role current in the NBA and donates $11.3 million to groups that promote animal welfare. .

“For Taylor and other hugely powerful corporate agriculture businessmen to get these taxpayer bailouts goes against the values ​​of ordinary Americans,” said Direct Action Everywhere media contact Matt Johnson. and activist, according to ESPN. Kevin Arnovitz.

“Taylor should set a powerful example by stepping back from NBA ownership and refusing to take grants related to the HPAI outbreak, and donating funds previously received to help repair some of the industry’s damage. most destructive on the planet.”

Billionaire entrepreneur Marc Lore leads an ownership group, which also includes former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, who will take over Taylor’s team in 2023.

The deal became official in July 2021. However, Direct Action Everywhere is seeking a faster power transition.

As for Rembrandt Farms, Arnovitz noted that it is “a large-scale factory farm that produces tens of millions of eggs every year.” Bird flu broke out in March at the facility, and the response was this, according to Arnovitz.

“To combat the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza, the company killed more than 5 million birds with a method called Ventilation Shutdown Plus at one of its major facilities in Iowa. Under this method, the airflow in the industrial sheds where the birds reside is closed. Activists consider this practice inhumane.

Direct Action Everywhere has filed complaints with authorities in Iowa, where the farm is located, that Rembrandt violated state laws, according to Arnovitz.

They also want Taylor Corp., the parent company of Rembrandt Farms, “to donate the $11.3 million it received in federal funds to help during a 2015 outbreak to public health and protective organizations. animals”.

Three incidents have taken place at Timberwolves games this month alone.

Direct action everywhere @DxEverywhere

DxE activists disrupted 3 games #Timberwolves of Minnesota to protest the team owner’s factory farm, which used “#VentilationShutDownto roast 5.3 million live birds. #GlenTaylorRoastsAnimalsAlive
Sign the petition:

On April 12, an activist stuck her hands on the ground near the basket during the second quarter of the Los Angeles Clippers’ playoff at the Timberwolves:

Launderer’s report @Launderer’s report

A fan was escorted away after trying to stick to the ground during the Clippers-Timberwolves qualifier

On April 16, another activist chained herself to the back of the basket in Game 1 of the ongoing Timberwolves-Memphis Grizzlies playoff series.

Launderer’s report @Launderer’s report

Woman chained herself to back of basket during Timberwolves-Grizzlies game

She was escorted by security

These two fans wore shirts that read “Glen Taylor Roasts Live Animals.”

Then last Saturday, a third militant stormed the pitch in Game 4 of the Wolves-Grizz series. This person was apparently wearing a referee’s shirt and was looking to “eject” Taylor.

Direct action everywhere @DxEverywhere

BREAK! Animal rights activist Sasha Zemmel dressed as #NBA Ref arrested while trying to “eject” #Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor.

PRESS RELEASE HERE: #RefGirl #NBAPlayoffs #WolvesBack #GlueGirl #ChainGirl #DxE

Launderer’s report @Launderer’s report

A fan was kicked out after storming the Timberwolves-Grizzlies field again

Launderer’s report @Launderer’s report

Close-up of a retired Wolves-Grizz spectator

(via @MichaelVPina)

Direct action everywhere calls itself “a global network of animal rights activists who plan to ‘achieve groundbreaking social and political change for animals in a generation’.

As for on-court basketball action, Memphis hosts Minnesota for Game 5 on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. ET with the series tied at two. Game 6 is Friday in Minnesota at a time to be determined, and Game 7 (if needed) is in Memphis on Sunday.

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