Animal rights activists denounce the cruelty of horse-drawn carriages at the summer fair

ANIMAL rights campaigners have demanded more checks on horse-drawn carriages at the Malaga fair after a horse collapsed recently.

The Spanish political party PACMA, which fights against animal abuse, has denounced the “exploitation” of horses used at the annual summer fair.

This followed a video that went viral on social media of a horse fainting in the street with four people trying to help it.

The popular “Feria de Malaga” took place this year from 13 to 20 August.

PACMA national vice-president Cristina Garcia told EFE news agency that she was unsure of the current status of the animal in question.

Party members were present at the summer fairs in Cordoba, Seville and Malaga this summer to check the treatment of animals.

They called for horse-drawn carriages to be replaced by electric vehicles, saying the high temperatures and chaos at fairs negatively affect animal welfare.

Garcia said PACMA would appeal to Malaga City Council for more control of horse-drawn carriages in accordance with current legislation.

This followed the Mayor of Malaga’s requirement that horses be treated fairly with the necessary hygiene, attention and rest they need.

The political party PACMA regularly obtains about 1% of the vote in general elections.


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