Animal rights activists demonstrate outside Llanidloes slaughterhouse

Animal activists who demonstrated outside a Powys slaughterhouse that slaughters 20,000 lambs a week called for a “plant-based food system” and a “transition for all”.

Eight members of Animal Rebellion Cymru gathered with placards and placards at Randall Parker Foods in Dolwen, near Llanidloes yesterday (Monday August 15) for their first protest in Wales.

Animal Rebellion, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, is a pro-vegan climate group that recently made headlines after activists spilled milk on the floor of Harrods.

Pip Morris is an Animal Rebellion Cymru activist from Welshpool who attended the protest at the slaughterhouse near Llanidloes. She said: “We came to Randall’s Foods to witness the injustice faced by the non-human animals that are slaughtered here.

“What they are facing is not just an injustice towards them, it is preventing us from dealing with the climate and ecological emergency.

“Science is clear that animal foods are by far the most destructive to the environment, and around 85% of UK land is used for meat and dairy.

“Meanwhile, farmers are grappling with unprofitable business models that are unsustainable and can only survive through massive government subsidies, while many are trapped in oppressive contracts with intensive farming corporations.

“We need a just transition that addresses the injustices suffered by non-human animals while allowing farmers and farm workers to transition to a system where they can thrive rather than get out of it. We we need a plant-based food system.”

Randall Parker Foods’ Dolwen manufacturing plant processes up to 20,000 lambs per week and employs approximately 120 people.

Last year the slaughterhouse was bought by Pilgrim’s UK, one of the UK’s biggest meat processors, to capitalize on the popularity of British lamb with export customers.

In response to Animal Rebellion’s protest, a Pilgrim’s UK spokesperson said: “At Pilgrim’s UK Lamb we are committed to protecting the environment and have set out a roadmap to become net zero by 2035.

“We are a major local employer and proud supporter of British agriculture, producing the highest quality lamb from Farm Assured suppliers who meet strict animal welfare standards.”

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