Animal rights activists demonstrate at Morrisons supermarket in Strood for the welfare of chickens

Animal rights campaigners are staging a protest outside a Morrisions branch this lunchtime calling for higher welfare standards for chickens.

The Open Cages group is campaigning for retailers to stop selling what it describes as ‘frankenchickens’ and today they targeted a supermarket in Strood as part of its ongoing battle.

Open protesters’ cages at Morrisons in Strood. Photo: Joe Shimmin

Protesters say Morrisons, one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, sells birds bred for particularly fast growth, which can cause them to become deformed.

The supermarket’s management rejects their claims, insisting it adheres to high standards of well-being in its supply chain.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We care deeply about animal welfare. All of our regular chickens are raised above Red Tractor standards.

“We are also the only retailer in Europe to ask our fresh chicken suppliers to require chicken to be born in the barn it will be raised in by 2025. 80% of our fresh chicken already meets this standard.

“We also actively monitor any malpractice in our supply chain, we will never condone it or look the other way and if we ever find it, we will act quickly and decisively.”

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