Adoptions are on the rise at the Great Falls Animal Shelter and reduced fees continue

GREAT FALLS – The Great Falls Animal Shelter is seeing an increase in animal adoptions so far this summer, and much of that is due to their annual “Empty The Shelters” event.

Volunteer coordinator Laramie Smovir said, “So far in the two weeks of this event, we’ve adopted 27 animals, which is more than we normally do in a few months of adoption.”

The general cost of an adoption is usually around $100 per pet, but this way you can bring your forever friend home for just $4.

They have everything from fluffy kittens to older cats and dogs just looking to spend the rest of their days cared for and loved.

But despite the increase in adoptions, there remain challenges for the shelter.

“We see that when we do a special like the Empty The Shelters event that we eliminate pretty quickly.” Smovir said. “As soon as this event is over, we fill up again. Unfortunately, it really is a revolving door here. And so we sit at full capacity most of the time.”

She added that people tend to adopt a dog during the summer season: “That’s when we see the increase in adoptions. People are on the go more. They’re hiking, they’re doing things at outside, and they want this friend to come with them. So they go in and adopt a dog. The other part of it is, especially in Montana during the winter, it’s cold and we tend not to go out .We don’t want to have to take to let our dog out in the cold of winter.”

Empty The Shelters will continue until July 29. The Great Falls Animal Shelter is located at 1010 25th Avenue NE. For more information, call the shelter at 406-454-2276, or Click here to visit the website.


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