2 detained for ‘encouraging’ suicide of Dibrugarh animal rights activist | Guwahati News

On Friday, most commercial establishments in Thana Chariali district of Dibrugarh remained closed to demand justice for Vineet Bagaria

DIBRUGARH: One day later vine Bagaria, a 32-year-old prominent animal rights activist Dibrugarh hanged himself, police on Friday arrested two people accused of encouraging his suicide.
A Dibrugarh police team arrested the two — Baidallah Khan and Nishant Sharma — from Lumding.
On Thursday, Agarwal, co-founder of Animal Welfare People (AWP), hanged himself to death at his residence on Shani Mandir Road in Dibrugarh. Before his death, Vineet, owner of the H2O bar in the city of Dibrugarh, had recorded a video on his mobile phone where he accused Baidullah Khan, Sanjay Sharma and Nishant Sharma of physically and mentally torturing him and his family over a rental property.
Vineet’s father, Kailash Kumar Bagaria, a prominent chartered accountant in the city, had filed a FIR at Dibrugarh police station on Thursday evening, naming the three people responsible for his son’s death. Vineet’s death had caused widespread outrage in the town as he was widely popular for his helpful nature. He was often seen on the streets of Dibrugarh feeding stray dogs and caring for abandoned and sick animals.
Sources said that in recent years there have been frequent confrontations between Vineet’s family and Baidullah Khan. Vineet’s father allegedly gave space on the ground floor of his residence on Shani Mandir Road to Sanjay Sharma to run a business, but he allegedly sublet the space to Baidullah Khan who later opened a parts store for motorcycles.
The Khemani family asked them to vacate the property for the past few years, but they ignored his request, sources said. The case has also been taken to court. Kailash Kumar alleged that the defendant did not pay rent for the property but physically and mentally harassed them which he said led his son to commit suicide.


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